Back on May 2, the Battlefield 3 Community got an update about a possible fansite kit, and that it was coming soon. Now May 25th, the community has a new update directly from the Battlefield pressroom.
Text reads:
"Hello everyone!
I know you´ve been waiting for some time for this update :)

It looks as if we are able to ship out a website fan-kit to all of you
and of course, it´s going to be exclusive to those who actually have
access to the community pressroom the first days.

I will let you know more soon regarding a more specific date and
time :). "

There is no set date yet, but you can expect to hear about it or read about it, when the fansite kit goes live. Look for it at

Take a look at the Battlefield Community Pressroom Quote Below or here
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6/23/2012 07:45:57 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and created a Weebly account too.

9/18/2012 04:49:21 am

Thanks to your post, I found Weebly and made my own blog too, thanks.


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